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Instagram Arrest

Ashley is guilty of slut-shaming about 100 young women on a photo-sharing site. She did also initiate a riot where her followers defended her "freedom of speech".

Anna Forrest is responsible for her arrest. She did previously arrest two hardened criminals: a big lesbian bank robber and a maniac who killed her husband with her bare hands.

Having the little sociopath share cell with those two big girls will probably teach her a lesson.

This one have lots of two-on-one action, bellypunching and prison outfits!

The ten minute movie is available here and on our YouTube channel!

Bearhug Chest punch Cuntlift Girl in cuntlift Girl punched Girl winded Kick in stomach 2 Kick in stomach Kiss my ass Kiss my butt Nice ass girlie Vlcsnap-2013-10-07-16h59m13s127
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