Poor Thomas (160 cm) is put in the ring against a 175 cm redhead ballbusting mistress.
He is hit in stomach and nuts, and she attacks him with knees, punches and stomps when knocked down. This is a fight until a ten-count KO!
Enjoy the new movie "Ginger Balls"!


[2014-08-28] A tall blonde who enjoy kicking guys in the balls and then molesting the face? Meet Rebecca, a ballbuster from the Cuban mob, beating up poor Steven!

[2014-01-26] According to some scholars, life force (Prana) is a type of energy that equals health and fitness. Depletion of Prana is what cause people to get weak, sick and die.
This match between Elizabeth and Kimberley starts like a normal match, with a slight advantage for Elizabeth. But the match takes a horrible turn as Elizabeth use her black magic and start stealing Prana from her opponent. Elizabeth gets bigger and stronger for every transfer, while her opponent decay and get smaller and weaker. In the end, Kimberley have decayed into a frail and ugly anorexic, while Elizabeth is a big amazon with eternal strength, beauty and health.

[2013-10-11] takes a stand about the slut shaming lifestyle in the new movie "Instagram Arrest". Nobody cares about an arrest if you are just going back to your curling parents, but sharing cell with a huge lesbian bank robber is an entirely different story!

[2013-04-28] Anna Forrest, the world's most controversial fitness guru, is back with a new video where she beat the crap put of a lazy ugly guy.
Anna Forrest - Detention

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